Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Video and Youtube channel

Have a new Youtube Channel, that I'm just about to have go live.

It's going to be at

I just posted a video I've had for a couple weeks now. The finished video will be up soon. Looking forward to it! It's shot by Ryan Maxey and the music is by Akir. Will update when it's up! In meantime check out the unfinished version.

The new Youtube Channel's going to have videos about my Danger-Squad project (campaigns, live updated videos and future motion comics.) I'll also have some Kickstarter and Indiegogo vids that would be updated from time to time on the channel. 

I'll post live videos about future information on projects that I'm working on. That will be key, as I'm going to be pushing to wrap up work on Danger-Squad this month so I can start work on my next project which will be titled "When It's Night" ... the official website is not up yet, but you can go to check it out at

 Hope you like what you see so far, and hopefully this Youtube channel turns out to be big! "Crosses fingers"

Duran Rivera

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Added thanks...

I would like to add some thanks to a good friend and great supporter of the Danger-Squad and in general Crinkle Co.. Kyu Kim you're awesome.

Keep an eye on future project he's working on. A historical graphic novel called Hannibal!

Go Danger Go!

Another version of the Dirk Patch Promo

Here's another version of the Dirk Domingo Patch promo! 

Hope you like! Check out the Danger-Squad Indiegogo page and support the campaign! 

Art by Duran Rivera
Inks by Michael Crafford

New Team Art

Here's some new artwork that I have yet to post..

More will be updated and posted through the Danger-Squad Indiegogo site! Enjoy- 

Colors by Andrew Cramer
and Inks by Michael Crafford
Pencils by Duran Rivera

Special Thanks!

For the Phase 1 of this project. I would like to thank the following amazing people in their generous funding and active support for this comic book campaign!

Ronny Bernstein
Andrew Cramer
Michael Crafford
Michael Quinones
Wilson Ramos Jr.
Ryan Maxey
Darlene Charneco
Martin Rosario
Chelsea Sheiber
Lee Vodra
Christephano Reyes
Griffin Hammill
Christopher Torres
Jeff Errico
Brent Heining
Magdalena Kinga
Millie & Danny Rivera
Milton & Nona Rivera
The first and so far the bigger campaign I’ve had has been so far a success and it wouldn’t have been without your support!
Next up: business cards, posters, patches, more promotional art, 4 page preview comic, special art from others artists, and a new video— that’s all Phase-2! They get bigger and bigger from here! Go Danger Go!

Duran Rivera

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Some New Art, and Works in Progress

Here's some new artwork, and works in progress... Still developing the promotional artwork, and working on the 4 page preview of the comic book to help promote my campaign. It's been a positive learning experience so far! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Some Sketches for the Indie GoGo

Here's some sketches I'm developing for the IndieGogo.

Not all of these will make it to the finished stages. Maybe they will make it to the graphic novel when it's published (hopefully soon!). I hope you like these pieces. Any feedback or commentary is more than welcome..

Also, whatever you can to support the IndieGogo, doesn't matter how much. It allows me to bring the campaign to the next level. Which means getting a crack team together to make the comic book super awesome, as well as marketing the comic book to bring in more fans and supporters! This is how we make it happen people! Together! Once again enjoy!

Murdock knows how to get sympathy in all the right places.
Every adventure needs a villain right? The 9 foot, 2 inch Dante ranks  as one.

My many sketches- graphic novel's in development.

The cliche team pic! 

Buds for life! Steve (Left) and Dirk (Right)

Danger-Squad's a go! 

Where it's all getting done... My workstation